Where’s your Focus?

Each person should judge his own actions and not compare himself with others. Then he can be proud for what he himself has done. Each person must be responsible for himself.
(Galatians 6: 4, 5)

One of my most valued photos is one my youngest daughter Rachel took of some water droplets resting on a small red leaf in the bleak of winter. The red caught her eye, as most everything else was either brown or evergreen; but this little leaf just didn’t give up.
In this photo she captured the delicate dew resting upon the leaf. It’s truly an inspiring photo. The leaf itself, while different, wasn’t all that impressive. But to focus on the water droplets gave life to the scenario. It’s a picture of refreshment tucked away in the blandness of its wintry surroundings.
We’ve got enough in front of us without looking over the fence at someone else. I want my actions to please God. That’s it. The rest really doesn’t matter. Judging someone else’s actions is too much weight to carry. It’s easier to let the hurts roll off if we’re not trying so hard to nurse our own wounds. It’s all a matter of what we choose to focus on. If our focus is where it belongs, it brings life and meaning around us.
Lord, give me courage to admit my own failures and to focus on what You are showing me through trials. Keep me from comparing my strengths to someone else’s weaknesses or deflecting truth in any way.

Gina Cohen