When I’m Too Tired or Afraid to Go On


Jesus Said, “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust in me.”
(John 14:1)

When I’m too tired or afraid to go on, I will…

• Trust God. Expose my fears to him and then throw all the weight of those fears on him.

• Spend quiet time in the Word and prayer. That calms me.

• Be like the ant and keep working. The feelings will pass just like a storm. Keep carrying those big chunks of dirt from here to there. Many of humanity’s greatest accomplishments were done by people who showed up, day in and day out, whether they felt like it or not.

• Do what love does, and love because the one who is love lives in me. He loved even when he was having a bad day, and even if it seemed everyone was against him.

Phillip Cohen