The Better Life

“Better to be patient than powerful;
better to have self-control than to conquer a city.”
Proverbs 16:32

As we become more successful, we experience bigger opportunities to accomplish even greater things. Some people become so powerful they can impact cities, nations, or the world. When someone is that powerful, what do they have in their personal life that’s any different from those less powerful? Maybe a chunk of wealth and a few bragging rights.

With much power comes much responsibility. It’s hard to maintain good character and keep our priorities right when we’re under the pressure of major responsibilities.

Much power can cause an overstressed mind. It can destroy the simple things we once had and take away our time for loved ones. If we let that happen, one day we’ll look in the mirror and no longer recognize the burned out, empty shell of a person we see.

And then we’ll ask ourselves: “Who have I become? How did this happen?”

Slow down. Learn the power of quiet, inner strength. A patient, self-controlled life is far better than too much wealth and power.