Light for the Tabernacle


Command the people of Israel to bring you pure oil…
You must keep the lamps burning in the Lord’s presence all night…
It must be observed from generation to generation…
From Exodus 27

God’s presence has moved from an ornate building or tent to deep inside our hearts. That light shines through our spirits, affecting and energizing us and everyone around us.

The light shines out.

The pure oil comes from time with God. When the oil runs low, the lamp dims then goes out. We become dark inside.

As I get older, I believe staying filled with God has become the most important thing in life.

Looking back on my life and the many lives I’ve observed, I believe it’s impossible for anyone to fail in life who has a strong, healthy relationship with God through time in the Word, honest prayer, staying connected with a healthy community, and pursuing godliness in every way.

Spend the necessary time and effort pursuing God. It will be impossible for you to fail at what really matters in life.

Fill your lamp. Let it burn bright.