Three Regrets Looking Back


One of my greatest regrets is that, at age 70, I’m only now discovering some of the simple basics of life.

I’ll share three of those basics here:

Basic One: Gina and I started our structured schedule for starting and ending the day on February 22, 2020. Today marks day 92. It looks like this:

  1. We start the day at 5 AM, praying together.
  2. Time in the Bible.
  3. A sunrise walk.
  4. Exercise.
  5. Shower and breakfast

Then we finish the day with a glass of wine and a walk.

At first it was somewhat difficult. Sometimes it makes life seem boring. Overall, we’ve been able to accomplish more, go deeper, and handle more chaos with greater sanity than ever before. Our mental, physical, and relational health have become very strong and stable.

Basic Two: Around that time, we approached the Bible differently.  We simply read it with open minds. We elaborate and journal what we understand. There’s so much we don’t understand. Instead of ignoring a difficult passage or forcing an interpretation, we wrestle with it—even if we still don’t get closure.

Here’s how it’s working for us:

  • We’re understanding God and the Bible more deeply than ever. We’ll struggle through a passage and leave our chair time feeling confused. Through the day, we might wrestle with it. Sometimes within a few days, the passage starts making sense. Even when it doesn’t, we trust that someday it will. Many passages have multi-layered messages that take deep thought to understand.
  • Wrestling with difficult Bible passages makes our mental muscles strong and healthy.
  • With that clear, strong mind, we’re facing and solving complex everyday problems better, with greater calm and patience.
  • Realizing how much we still don’t know—and that God still loves us—makes us more open, loving, and patient with others.

This is just one more amazing way the Bible transforms our minds.

Basic Three: As I look back at my life, with my struggles through brokenness, raising a family without a role model, and leading a business from a pigpen to where we are now, I see a common thread: I often get alone with God and pray my guts out where no one else can see or hear. That gets me away from the phony, shallow prayers we often share in public. He never has failed to meet me and lead me. Much of where our business is today is a result of those desperate secret prayers. My son Noah calls it The Miracle Factor.

Much of the stress, anxiety, and chaos in our lives would become less if we individually develop basic habits like these.

I hope this helps you.