Only God


From Leviticus 19

Do not put your trust in idols

Idols aren’t statues. Idols begin in the imagination. They’re those spirits that want our attention. Then we build something that started in the imagination:

  • Acquiring wealth.
  • Outdoing someone else.
  • The beauty of women other than my wife.
  • Wanting to be significant, but not waiting for God to lead.
  • Forcing relationships because I fear loneliness and rejection.

Some of these can be healthy pursuits. But don’t trust them to fill the God-void. That’s why people feel empty when they reach their lofty goals. They were trusting their mental images to satisfy their God-hunger.

Only God can satisfy a God-hunger. It’s a mystery, to concentrate on this seemingly insignificant, invisible vapor that’s the real substance of the universe. That’s why we must be still until the noise in our heads stop.

People master certain facets of life when they’re willing to be completely still and engage its subtle nuances and skills. Like character development, crocheting, music, art, and hunting.

They’re willing to quiet their minds, study, practice the finer details, and do.

Be still and master the art of knowing and following God.

…or make metal images of gods for yourselves.

God knew we would invent cars someday—metal images that some people would worship. Some people worship music, themselves, rock stars and Hollywood idols. Some people worship their political and religious preferences, as though that could give them life.

All these idols divide us. Only joining ourselves to the God of all gods will give us life and the relationships we long for.

Many gods are small “g” gods. Some gods claim to be capital “G.” Anyone can change a letter. That doesn’t change them.

I am the LORD your God…

Clear away the idols in your mind and life and give worth-ship only to God. That’s where the best life is found.