It’s Okay That I’m Not Okay


Let all who are helpless take heart.
Psalm 34:2

You, David, felt helpless? The great king, the warrior-poet who relentlessly pursued after God’s heart, and one of the greatest men in the Bible…?





Read that again.

The verse doesn’t say you felt helpless. It says you are helpless.

It’s a little mind game I play with myself. I say to God, “I’m not helpless; I just feel helpless. God, help me to stop feeling helpless.

Maybe that’s why I struggle so hard sometimes. I tell God I feel helpless. God’s waiting for me to admit I am helpless.

“Lord, I’m helpless.”

There I said it.

That feels better.

That feels powerful.

I remember the first time I admitted, “I don’t know.”

I quit pretending I know something just because I think I’m supposed to know.

Right now, my old heart is getting weaker and slower. I need to stop telling myself I feel weak and tired. (I’m a pretty sneaky guy. At the deepest levels, I still want to look good.)

How about calling it what it is: I am weak and tired.

David says it takes heart to admit I’m helpless.

It reminds me of so many other victories I’ve experienced in my life. When I assign it a contemporary, psycho-blabbable name, God is distant. He says, “If you want to call it what the world calls it, you can accept world’s flawed remedies. Many of them are expensive, with serious side effects. They treat only the symptoms, not the cause.

When I get tired of struggling and call it what God calls it, he moves toward me. He says, “Here I am.”

God’s not in a hurry. He’s not going anywhere. He’s got all of eternity to wait for me to humble myself.

I prayed to the Lord, and he answered me.
    He freed me from all my fears.
In my desperation I prayed, and the Lord listened;
    he saved me from all my troubles. Verses 4,6