Add to Your Faith…


From 2 Peter 1:1-5

And keep adding, all day, every day.

Some people think it’s enough that they added information to themselves when they went to school. So they stopped adding. I meet these people every day. They bring impressive resumes, seeking high-paying jobs. I ask them what they’re doing now to grow themselves.

“I haven’t read a book or taken a class since I can’t remember when.”

But… but… but…, I think. Your resume tells us what you did. What are you doing now?

What am I to do? How do I tell them without offending them?

Eric Hoffer once wrote, “In a world of change, the learners shall inherit the earth, while the learned shall find themselves perfectly suited for a world that no longer exists.”

I once thought if I wrote a best-selling book, I’d be good for life. So I wrote two semi-bestselling books. I became famous for a while. But I was empty inside. See, my books represented what I did. To live a full life, I needed to keep doing.

Add to your faith…

Like all other forms of energy, life subtracts from us what we once had. In today’s energy draining world, it becomes more difficult and complicated to keep moving forward, and we need more information, fuel, faith, and virtue to propel us into a good future.

Or putting it another way, as we push forward, life pushes back. To live a successful life, we must develop fresh, new inner strength each day. We’re like trees that can’t grow and bear fruit from last year’s rains and sunlight. We need fresh nourishment today.

I like to spend a couple hours each morning filling up. A few years ago, when our company doubled in size, I’d cave in midday because I was running out of mental and emotional fuel. During that season, a couple hours each morning wasn’t enough.

It’s not enough to get a diploma, believe in Jesus, attend church once or twice a week, or even to start the day right. If we’re to live a rich, satisfying, useful life, we need to stay plugged into our power source.

Like Kyle Wendels wrote, “Our minds are like furnaces. If we aren’t adding fuel at regular intervals, the flames are sure to fade. The spirit’s fire is just the same.”

God knew this when he created us.