Not A Random Symphony

Not a Random

We may throw the dice, but the Lord determines how they fall.
(Proverbs 16:33)

I love the ocean. Look across it as far as the eye can see—and that’s just the top!

Its vastness inspires me to slow down, think, and imagine deeply. If I don’t get a dose of Vitamin O at least once a year, I dry up inside.

During one visit, I observed the waves for a long, long time. What forces affect each wave?

  • The rising and falling tide.
  • Fish of all sizes moving about under the surface.
  • Rainfall and wind.
  • Tremors in the earth.
  • A ship passing by, perhaps hundreds of miles away.
  • A little toddler, halfway across the earth, splashing in the water with his mother.

I concluded that although the ocean is filled with the water that appears unstable to our finite minds,—and it’s so vast—yet there is no such thing as a random wave. Each wave is precisely choreographed and timed by the God who created creation.

So it is with our lives. No human understands the watery waves of human thoughts and emotions. No human understands how the will and free choice fit into the bigger picture. But every event—right down to the rolling of the dice—plays into a new stanza of a grand, eternal symphony led by God, the Master Conductor.

I can see the angels leaning over the balcony rail, watching in amazement.

Phillip Cohen