Let Jesus Untangle the Maze

Let Jesus Untangle the Maze

Prepare the way for the Lord’s coming!
Clear the road for him!
The valleys will be filled, and the mountains and hills made level.
The curves will be straightened,
and the rough places made smooth.
And then all people will see the salvation sent from God.
From Luke 3

When we open a path to our hearts and let Jesus in, big changes happen inside.

It’s not a hocus-pocus, wave-the-magic-wand experience. When you invite him in, he cleans out the junk, and fills you with his love. This changes you. Then all of life looks different. You think and act differently. And you get different results.

People who know you will say, “Who is that!?” Except for looking sort of like the person they used to know, everything else is different. Happy. Glowing. Peaceful. Selfless. Safe. Your highs and lows start to level. For me, I became free from my bipolar mood swings.

It’s not so much what you do that changes you, like getting baptized, going to church, or handing out tracts. It’s not the creeds and doctrines people waste endless hours bickering over. It’s not found in trying to change our own lifestyles.

The change comes because you’ve invited Jesus inside.

Is your heart hard to reach? When people want to connect with you, do they have to wander through a dark, scary maze? Letting Jesus in straightens out the maze and opens direct access to your heart. People whose hearts had been shut down and hardened become open and approachable.

Are you tired of wandering through the wilderness of your lonely life? Are you tired of feeling distant from God and people?

Let him in, he’ll straighten out the maze, and give you peace.