Just Imagine. . . America’s Got Character!

America's got Character

Remove the wicked from the king’s court, and his reign will be made secure by justice.
(Proverbs 25: 5)

We’re dazzled by the show, America’s Got Talent. New talent emerges in public for the first time, and it’s awesome! But suppose instead of America’s Got Talent, someone produced a show, America’s Got Character? What if contestants displayed miraculous inner strength to stand against the odds?

  • Imagine presidential candidates confronting difficult problems head on and courageously leading people to great solutions.
  • Imagine celebrities exemplifying sobriety and high moral standards worth emulating.
  • Imagine universities teaching people how to live with integrity.
  • Imagine parents taking pride in their adult children, not because of trophies, promotions, and six figure incomes, but because they’re hardworking, honest, and faithful to their wives and children.

The most successful business leaders remind us to hire first for character, and then develop talent. Resumes, talent, and outward beauty repeatedly dazzle us. We neglect character, and painfully pay for it later. The only way to secure justice in any nation or organization is to remove the wicked from places of influence—that is, people who are highly talented with poor character. Better yet, don’t hire or elect them in the in the first place. Take time deciding and make sure character supersedes talent.

Yes, America’s got character, but it’s much harder to find. When you find men and women with good, strong character, do everything you can to keep them around.

Gina Cohen