A Harsh Reality about the Devil

A Harsh Reality about the Devil

When the devil had finished tempting Jesus,
he left him until the next opportunity came.
Luke 4:13

The devil doesn’t leave me alone when I’m already overwhelmed. Quite the contrary—he’s out to destroy me! Sure he backs off, but only to prepare his next assault. If I think the devil left me because he feels sorry for me, I’ve been sucked into his lie.

I can’t say to the devil, “Go easy on me, I’ve had enough.” He’ll keep slamming me until I either give in to him or turn to God for help.

He attacks from every side:

  • Infiltrating my mind with voices that sound almost like God.
  • Placing temptations in front of me, because he knows my unique weaknesses.
  • Using the sins and weaknesses of others to push me to become angry and hateful.

If I simultaneously resist the devil and pursue God with everything in me, I’ll win against the devil every time.

That’s a good life!