Growing Pains

Add to your faith . . . passionate patience. . .
(2 Peter 1: 5)

Passionate patience seems like an oxymoron. But as I think about it, this is what it takes to endure to the end. This is not a passive life. There’s a furnace inside that propels us forward with hope and direction. Add that to our faith and we’re unstoppable. We don’t cater to moods. We don’t waste time on negativity. We don’t blame or make excuses. We’re not so concerned with who’s right but what’s right. We patiently go after our vision, our goals, our dreams, and we don’t get bogged down with the effort it takes to get there.

Sometimes I want life to magically stand still. But life is always changing. I’m fighting reality when I resist transition. No amount of digging my heels in will bring me rest. I can’t stop life, and really, I don’t want to. But I can bring my strengths into reality and trust God for the outcome.

We’re experiencing growth pains right now in our company. And we are confident this is the direction God wants us to go. Knowing this is God’s plan, we can endure the trials with passionate patience and bring our best into each situation to get there.

Gina Cohen