Grace That Grows

“You are blessed because you believed
that the Lord would do what he said.”
Luke 1:45

Mary received God’s blessing long before she experienced childbirth. She didn’t see her virginity as a roadblock to what God promised. She believed what was impossible and willingly risked her reputation. She found grace to handle the pressures by others because she surrendered her heart and mind to God.

Grace is available for our every day struggles but often we don’t experience grace because we expect grace to feel and work a certain way. But grace becomes grace when we’re in the storm and he effortlessly guides us through the chaos. Like a sailboat in a storm, if we set our sails in the right direction, we’ll catch the wind and sail safely through.

We can’t receive grace while absorbed in fear and unbelief. We experience it when we ask for it and choose to stop trying to force our own solutions. Grace brings purpose in pain and allows us to grow more into who we truly are.

Mary believed God and God blessed her. As the baby grew in her womb each day, so did the grace of God.

Find grace in the moment and let it guide you through.