About Godly Inspiration


It all started with an experiment…

We are a passionate group of co-workers who have discovered the amazing rewards of applying biblical principles in our daily lives in the workplace.

About Godly Inspiration

We are a passionate group of co-workers who have discovered the amazing rewards of applying biblical principles in our daily lives in the workplace.


Our Story

Godly Inspiration began in 2004 with Phil Cohen, founder of Cohen Architectural Woodworking, and his family. At the time, growth for his company was on the horizon, but he knew in his heart that he knew nothing about how to run a business or manage people. Out of an almost desperation, he turned to God and began to spend significant time reading the Bible. The Lord began to open his eyes to the tremendous wisdom therein.

Specifically, he was introduced to the concept of marketplace ministry. Realizing that many churches subliminally teach that there are two different worlds – the Sunday church world and the work world, he began a pursuit that would eventually lead to amazing truths that only the Bible could reveal – that God is just as present in our workplace as He is in our churches.

As the growth process began in Phil’s heart, God began to show him how to run a biblical-based company. The Bible in fact addresses numerous challenges that we face daily in our business world, and helps provide us with useful application for how to solve such problems. As he began to apply these principles, he soon realized that this would be the only way he could run his company from that moment forward. It was no longer just about the success of the business, but about the difference the Bible was making in the lives of his employees and staff.

The Lord laid it upon his heart to begin sharing the wisdom and inspiration God was revealing to him. It started small with just a few members of his company writing devotionals for a select reader-base. But within a few years, it has now grown to help people from all across the globe.

Our Passion

We love to see transformation occur in the hearts of our readers. Ultimately, our passion is to serve others and see people come to understand how God is working in and through their lives. He is not just concerned about church or ministry related areas, but cares about our work, family, and friendships. He cares intimately about every aspect of our lives, and we are passionate about helping you find that truth.

Who Writes For Us

The devotionals are written by individuals in management at Cohen Architectural Woodworking, a faith-based company based in Saint James, Missouri.



Phil is the CEO and founder of Cohen Architectural Woodworking. He is an entrepreneur and passionate about life. Read more here about his incredible story from a desolate, shattered past to a rich, fulfilling life in a loving family and successful business. Read more about Phil’s story.



Gina is married to Phil and is a co-founder of the company and Director of Human Resources. Phil and Gina have nine grown children, and some of them work for the company. Gina loves spending time with the family including their 11 grandchildren.



Noah is the Vice President of the company, husband to Judith, and father to two darling little girls. As a lover of technology, he also oversees the company’s systems, software, and electronics.



Ben is the Director of Sales. He is married to Alysia and has a sweet little baby boy. There is never a dull moment with Ben and his wild adventures, which are all true, by the way.



Naomi is the Senior Engineer and is passionate about fitness, travel, culinary, and thrilling adventures. She hangs out with her nieces and is always looking for new and better processes for her work and personal life.



Nate is the Senior Project Manager and enjoys flipping houses on the side. He travels all over the U.S. and tries to experience the regional food specialties wherever he goes. Since he was child, he loved a structured, disciplined lifestyle and expected the same of everyone around him.



Robb is the Warehouse Operations Manager. He is married with two beautiful children. Quiet but focused, Robb expects the highest workmanship in the delivery of all their projects.



Palmer is the Plant Manager. He spends his vacations with family participating in mud racing competitions. He loves the employees and is a lot of fun to work for. But everyone knows Palmer says it how it is and the job had better be done right.



Joe is a Project Manager and loves water activities including fishing and boating. Spending time with family is his favorite part of the weekends.



Alex handles Business Development. He loves outdoor activities and spending time with his kids and grandkids.