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Sustainable Growth

Developing a strong root system is something we as a company have been talking a lot about. Individually, we need a deep, healthy root system to sustainably grow our character.

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The Real Version of Reality

What do I gain when one part of me lies to another part of me? Reality is reality. If I tell myself the truth, at least I can do something about my situation, even when it’s really bad.

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My Plans, God’s Plans

In the meetings we’ve scheduled for this week, I have my plans. But ultimately I’m relying on the Lord to show me what to say. I’ve committed our meetings to the Lord. I’m committing our actions as a company to the Lord and we will succeed.

Daily Drop 2015.04.13

God takes full responsibility for the life wholly devoted to him. Charles Stanley

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We, the jury, held the verdict that could shape a man’s perception of life itself—was life worth living if injustice rules? Scary thought! Justice prevailed in this situation, and the man in question was proven innocent.

Daily Drop 2015.04.10

Stop trying to be impressed with yourself. You’re a weak battery at best with flawed beauty that fades. Instead, invest that energy into slowing down and letting God impress you. He’s the unlimited source of power and beauty. Phillip

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Find Value In Daily Battles

“Below the line” (victim) forces are currently my toughest daily challenges. If someone else has a bad attitude, complains, or makes nearly every excuse known to mankind, (and they’re often quite convincing), it’s easy to fall “below the line” with them.

Daily Drop 2015.04.09

Have you invited God to play a role in your life’s story? Or have you surrendered your life to play a role in God’s story? Phillip

Daily Drop 2015.04.07

Leaders are responsible to create safe, healthy cultures where people can do their best and continue getting better. So heal or prune what’s not healthy and nurture what’s already healthy. Phillip

Daily Drop 2015.04.06

What would you do different if you knew God wouldn’t find out about it? Phillip

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Don’t Quit So Fast

Sometimes we pray for wisdom, then run from the phone when we don’t get an immediate answer. Sometimes we need to reposition ourselves so we can hear. Or get away from the noise.

Daily Drop 2015.0408

God takes full responsibility for the life wholly devoted to him. Charles Stanley

Daily Drop 2015.04.03

In your relationship with God, who does most of the talking? When you talk, God listens. When he talks, do you listen? Take some time to quiet your mind today. Phillip

Daily Drop 2015.04.02

Not the one who knows the most, but the one who loves faithfully and consistently the most, is a true follower of Jesus. Andy Stanley