Why I Didn’t Have Friends

 Unfriendly people care only about themselves;
they lash out at common sense.
Proverbs 18:1

For several years I didn’t have close friends. I felt lonely and empty inside, and resentful toward God.

God, why have I given up so much for you yet you haven’t given me any friends?

I didn’t realize I was causing my own misery, behaving in ways that kept potential friends at a distance.

  • I was proud of my tactless, direct approach.
  • I wanted friends for my own benefit, not because I wanted to be a friend to others.
  • I thought people should be my friends because I was a Christian, but didn’t bother learning the skills of how to be a friend.
  • I surrounded myself with unfriendly people like myself.

I cared only about myself. I broke many relationship rules.

Just because I’m a passionate Christian doesn’t mean I can break relationship rules or be ruthless toward people. Many Christians seem to get caught in this trap, thinking just being a Christian automatically makes their actions OK. They think their poor character will be overlooked, that they’re going to prosper, that they’ll never get depressed, and that people will – or should – like them, just because they’re Christians.

No one is above the law of relationships. Trust needs to be earned and the relationship cultivated. We need to follow what God teaches about how to love, respect and care about others.