Who Is the Greatest?

 “Jesus’ followers began to have an argument
about which one of them was the greatest.
Jesus knew what they were thinking,
so he took a little child and stood the child beside him.
Then Jesus said, “Whoever accepts this little child in my name accepts me.
And whoever accepts me accepts the One who sent me, because
whoever is least among you all is really the greatest.”
Luke 9: 46–48

Strife is one of Satan’s most effective tools used to take us down and destroy what is good. Strife comes in the middle of our closest relationships. Organizations crumble, marriages fail, violence erupts, and nations war against each other. It all starts with strife.

Jesus’ disciples weren’t immune to this deadly disease. Who is the greatest? They wanted to know. So Jesus stood a small child in front of them and said “The least among you all is really the greatest.” Jesus was saying that a small child, uneducated, unrefined, and inexperienced was the greatest person in the group.

Seems backwards, like saying down is up. What would a Presidential election be like if each candidate recognized talents and gifts in their opponents? How would that impact our nation? Truly great organizations recognize the strengths in their common people, their common employees, their common friends. They see them as assets. Instead of rising up against each other, what if we saw each other’s potential and drew it out? Who then would be the greatest? Would it really matter?