Whisper Jesus

“There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.”              Acts 1:11

How daring is your faith in Jesus? Will you step away from the sin, secret, or addiction you’ve been so secure in, and whisper Jesus?

The religious leaders never encountered anyone like Peter and John. The rulers, elders, and teachers of religious law studied and debated the Bible day and night. They structured their lives around what they thought were Biblical principles. That theology had become their trusted idol.

Along come two simple, uneducated workingmen who blew up all their theories and practices with this new way God was showing them.

“Wait a minute!” the tall guy said with a stern gaze as he stroked his long beard. “We’ve spent our lives studying and discussing Scripture. We’ve invested money and sweat into our strong, complicated religious fortress that stands tall above humanity. Now you come whispering ‘Jesus,’ and accomplish more in a few seconds than we have in all of our combined years?”

“We need to silence these guys, or we’ll look like fools.”

When you need help, whisper Jesus.

When you’re surrounded by big-shots with Ph.D.’s, MBA’s or religious B.O., whisper Jesus.

When you don’t feel intelligent or sufficient for the task, whisper Jesus.

When your friend is broken and you don’t know what to do, whisper Jesus.

When your insides are screaming in pain and you don’t know where to turn, whisper Jesus.

When life is good, whisper Jesus.

Right now, whisper Jesus.