What’s It Worth?

And the soldiers gambled for his clothes by throwing dice.
Luke 23:34b

They didn’t think Jesus was worth much, did they? All that was left were some clothes that were free for the taking.

I saw a couple of guys shopping together in the grocery store the other day. One of them acted like Mister Cool. He was dressed classy, wearing shades, and walked with a swagger as he sipped from a can of soda. His nonverbal expression said, “Why do I have to put up with all these inferior people?”

The other looked like Mister Average. He was dressed in everyday work clothes, following behind Mister Cool, pushing the cart.

What made Mister Cool worth more than Mister Average? I think Cool thought he was worth more and Average believed him.

See, the worth of something is decided by our perception of its value. Someone purchases a painting at a yard sale for two dollars and later finds out it’s “worth” half a million.

Had the soldiers known who Jesus really was, they might have built a large, fancy museum to display his clothes, the boats he rode in, and the things he touched, and then charged people admission to come and see.

Is there such a thing as true worth? Can we measure the value of something? An item is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. A transaction only takes place when two people agree upon its value.

Anything with perceived valuable is sellable. People sell water, air, light, and dirt. Sometimes people sell other people against their will for money, to be used for sex or hard labor. People sell themselves for legitimate or illegitimate purposes. We all sell our time and services. The amount is determined by the value we both perceive and agree upon.

The outcome of my life is determined by how much I value each thing in my life. If I value my guitar more than my wife, or my feelings more than her needs, I’ll get what I pay for. If I value people as much as God does, I will treat them accordingly. If I value what God values, my life and the lives of everyone around me will be extremely rich.