Too Close to the Edge

The tiny island of Ghoramara, off the coast of India has been shrinking each year over the past several decades. It has lost about half of its land and two-thirds of its population since the 1960’s. With farming as the main occupation, residents literally watch their livelihood drop into the sea. Those who live on the edge don’t fare well.

We don’t fare well either when we live with little or no space between us and the edge of our energy or schedule. A small, seemingly insignificant event could push us over the edge and we snap.

We’re not created to live without allowing space, or margin, between us and the edge. Margin is the white space on the page, the silence between the notes in a song, and the empty space on the canvas that gives us rest in the midst of the activity and energy.

For example, when preparing for a big event, schedule time for rest before and recovery after. When scheduling a vacation, how about taking an earlier flight home or allowing an extra day before returning to work? If possible, schedule a light workload the first day back and ease your way up to full speed.

We’re more productive with margin in our lives.