They Forgot to Love

They Forgot to Love

What sorrow awaits you…!
For you love to sit in the seats of honor… and receive respectful greetings as you walk in the marketplaces. You are like hidden graves in a field.
People walk over them without
knowing the corruption they are stepping on.
But you ignore justice and the love of God.
From Luke 11:42-44

Have you ever met a powerful or famous person, began to develop a relationship, and then gotten hurt? Perhaps it’s because they’re beautiful on the outside, where we see them from the stage. But backstage and in real life, their lives are horribly broken. Think about amazing rock and movie stars who struggle with addictions and hop from one marriage to another.
Success, position, popularity, or even adversity can easily overpower our spirit of love for others. When you stop loving and serving others, your self-made empire will begin to crumble, regardless of how much money and power you have accumulated.
When we love and serve others, God prospers us, while giving us grace for our faults. The temptation is to think we’re prospering because we have no faults. Then our success swells our heads. I have seen people rise from among the trampled who then become the tramplers. Yes, people will go so far as to cause the death of another human’s business, reputation, or even life, if they sense they’re getting in their way.
When we leverage others to fortify our position, we’re on the way down. Sadly, we’ll probably blame our failure on the people who didn’t support or validate us.
We may think our gifts, intellect, or position are the cause of our success, and a loving, generous heart is only incidental to success.
No, loving and putting others first is success.