The City of God

The Lord is great; he should be praised in the city of our God, on his holy mountain. It is high and beautiful and brings joy to the whole world. God is within its palaces; he is known as its defender. . .
(Psalm 48: 1-3)

For our first ever family vacation, we were able to secure the perfect house in Florida for our twenty-five member and growing family. It was a dream come true and better than anything we ever imagined. One of my grandsons called it The Mansion. And it was all ours for an entire week.
Maybe the city of God is like this, exquisitely beautiful. We wouldn’t expect God’s city to be filled with arguing, backbiting, or filth of any kind. We don’t praise the Lord through arrogance. God isn’t honored by self-pity.
What makes the City of God glorious is God Himself. As we invite Him into our deepest needs and praise Him by our lives, God is honored and we are transformed. If we cater to our whims, we may get our own way but could miss the greatest blessing in life. It’s really up to us. Our mansion is waiting.

Gina Cohen