In God’s Sight


Josiah did what was pleasing in the Lord’s sight
and followed the example of his ancestor David.
He did not turn away from doing what was right.
2 Kings 22:2

Josiah was one of the few kings in the Bible who did everything right in God’s sight—both in his secret heart and his outer life.

Everything starts in your imagination. When you allow it to grow, it manifests in your outer life.

It’s more important to live right in God’s sight than to accumulate power and wealth.

If you want to live a good life and leave a great legacy, make sure all that you cultivate in your most secret heart is good and right in God’s sight. Then generously give your life away to everyone around you.

Perhaps people won’t understand you. People didn’t understand Jesus or Paul. Both of them were slandered and murdered by the people they loved. But they did what love does. God saw, and had imperfect men write it down. Through God’s written word, their lives have reached across time and space to those of us who are seeking the true and eternal God.

After you’re gone, perhaps people will know then. Make sure the life you live will leave the story of God’s love to those who are searching.

Kings Josiah did what was pleasing in the Lord’s sight. Kings are the most powerful among men. They also are the most vulnerable to evil temptations, He never turned away from God, regardless of the forces and temptations that came against him. He was a good man and a good king. He had to be a good husband and father too. After he died, his son, Jehoahaz, reigned. Jehoahaz was evil. Most of the kings before and after Josiah were evil in heart and deeds.

We could not choose who are parents were, whether good or evil. We cannot control the secret hearts of those who are around us or those who come after us. Even with our best efforts and influences, the world around us and our sons and daughters will choose good or evil for themselves.

But we can choose to do what’s right in God’s sight.