When I’m Down


Do not rejoice over me, my enemy;
When I fall, I will arise;
When I sit in darkness,
The Lord will be a light to me.
Micah 7:8

I know Satan wants to take me out.

Perhaps that’s why I struggle so much with fear, feeling weak, and inner darkness.

Micah 7:8 is my sometimes go-to verse when I’m really hurting.

I get hurt by people.

I get hurt by how clumsy I can be in relationships.

I get flashbacks of painful memories.

I only can go so far in life with my strength and wisdom; I’m a tiny little flashlight.

I have huge dreams of a good life, of love, joy, and helping others. So here I am in the middle of those dreams and I get knocked down. I feel Satan mocking me. I’ve learned to look Satan in the eye and tell him that he might be able to take me down, but I’ve surrendered my life to One who is stronger than Satan, and stronger than me.

When I fall, God will pick me up. I don’t know how, but he always does.

When the lights go out and I’m the little boy, lost and crying in the woods, “Daddy, Daddy, where are you!?” Satan whispers, God isn’t coming this time. But my daddy will come and get me; he always does.