How to Succeed at Anything


The word of the Lord holds true,
and we can trust everything he does.
Psalm 33:4

I’ve discovered you can apply the Bible to any facet of your life and it works just like is says it will.

The Bible literally is a life-instruction manual. It’s not, “Try this and see if it works for you.” It’s, “Try this. It works for anyone, regardless of their culture and age, even if you don’t believe in God.”

The Bible is the only reliable, complete life instruction manual I’ve found.

Some people see the Bible as an explanation for how to get to heaven. Others read the Bible, so they can check the God-box. Some (shame on them) see the Bible as rules they can force on others. All of them read right past the instructions for how to live this life.

  • Pick any subject.
  • Google it: What the Bible says about ______________.
  • Sit, study, take notes.
  • Look for people who already are successful. Find out what they’re doing.
  • Apply what the Bible is teaching you.

When Jesus came, his disciples kept asking, “When will you change the world and conquer the people who bug us, so life is easier for us?”

Jesus responded, “Not now. I’m here this time to teach you how to live so you know how to handle any situation, even if no one around you changes.”