Defying Gravity


In a world full of noise and sensual distractions wanting to fill me and whip me around, I can live in and for its pleasures. Or I can lock myself inside a lonely shell.

There’s a third option: I can look up to God for help.

Must I follow the world’s pleasures until I’m in trouble and then cry out to God? Or can I admit how life works, look up to God now, and keep out of trouble before I get into it?

As I observe people, I see many who wear masks of shame, anger, and defiance, some with churchy faces. Except for those who are young and innocent, who have not yet been defiled, I see few radiant faces. Those who look up to God have had their lost innocence restored. They’re delivered and cleansed from defilement. They radiate pure light.

Note to self: Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re a Christian if your life is dark and doesn’t radiate God.

Look away from the world’s delicious offerings of sex, applause, vengeance, and mindless hurry and overwork takes painful discipline. Then looking up to God in all my troubles instead of looking sideways for things that offer to satisfy my cravings is an attempt to defy spiritual gravity.

You want to learn to fly?

You have three choices in life.

  1. Live in the world’s pleasures.
  2. Bury yourself in the box of you.
  3. Look up and above to God.

My advice: choose option #3: