Pour Out, Pour In


It is better to correct someone openly than to have love and not show it.

Proverbs 27: 5

The faces of people in the Dominican Republic are forever impressed on my mind. Their hunger for hope and the cries of their hearts still whisper to me today. Their humility far outshines the definition of that word in any dictionary. You can’t not love these people. Being with them forced me to leave my comfort zone and pour into them.

God wants us to love people. To love but not show it is an offense in God’s sight. Staying hidden doesn’t add value to those God values. Showing love doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes all it takes is looking into the eyes of an elderly person and smiling. Or high-fiving a small child.

We can’t live a full life expecting people to pour into us. He wants our hearts to break open and pour into others. God wants us to let people know they’re valued and appreciated for who they are, not just what they do. Hiding love doesn’t breathe life into others. Thank you, Dominican Republic, for this precious gift. As we love others, God pours more love into us. It just works that way.