Only Jesus Can Heal the Wounds of Betrayal


Do not drag me away with the wicked—
    with those who do evil—
those who speak friendly words to their neighbors
while planning evil in their hearts.

Psalm 28:3

I wish everyone could be trusted. It’s almost impossible to know who means what they say and who is secretly planning evil.

  • My father secretly planned to divorce my mother. He waited until she got the attorney’s letter, so he could see the look on her face.
  • The Japanese were having peace talks with the United States as they bombed Pearl Harbor.
  • Judas sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver and kissed him when he betrayed him.
  • I’ll leave this bullet point for you to fill in your betrayal story.

It’s like walking along a peaceful path, not knowing if a poisonous snake is waiting in the shadows to strike. Yet, Jesus tells us to walk in good, trustworthy character, regardless of what others do.

I lived with a betrayal wound from one of my children for more than six years. Then I watched David Stoop’s DVD Relationships : Forgiveness Understanding And Getting Beyond Our Pain And Past.  Hs says the betrayal wound is so deep, sometimes we need to ask God to heal us before we’re able to start forgiving.

That’s what it took for me.

Jesus tells me to keep my eyes on him. Only he heals the deepest wounds.

Although Jesus was betrayed, he never betrayed anyone.

Lord, let me be like Jesus.