Healthy Bones


This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones.

Proverbs 3:8

Pete Scazzero says, “You might have Jesus in your heart, but your grandparents are in your bones.” He means our sins are deeper than we know, because they’ve been passed down for generations. He offered the Bible story of Joseph to illustrate. Joseph had to pass through extreme suffering before the family sins could be cooked out of his bones.

While Joseph’s bones were pressure cooking, God was forming godly character in him. Once Joseph was “well done” he came out of the cooker with sterling character and godly wisdom that empowered him to interpret dreams, lead a nation, and love and forgive his brothers who had sold him into slavery.

When you let the Bible soak in, it can feel painful, humbling and stretching. Sometimes the Bible exposes stuff inside so ugly, you’ll want to pretend it’s not there. If you let it cook the deep sins out of your bones, when trials or temptations come, you’ll see yourself responding to people and situations in fresh, new godly ways.

People who become wise, gifted, powerful, and successful in the kingdom have allowed suffering and the Bible to cook their deepest sins out of their bones. Good character comes from healthy bones, not from trying hard to be godly. If you wear Christianity on the outside, at best you’ll be a pretty person with sick bones. You may feel good about yourself, but you’ll break down under life’s pressures and never know the depths of godly love and character your life could have produced. And your name will be added to the long and growing list of surface Christians who give unbelievers a reason to despise Christianity.