You’ll Like This Jesus Better


For God chose to save us through our Lord Jesus Christ,
not to pour out his anger on us.
1 Thessalonians 5:9

The first Jesus I was introduced to told me, “You messed up your life. Because I died for you, I wiped your slate clean. Now go change yourself. Get it right this time.”

I tried hard to get it right. But I couldn’t. I fell back into my old sins and invented some new ones. Because I didn’t want Jesus to know, I hid myself and worked hard at being super religious.

I tried pleasing this disappointed Jesus for more than twenty years. The harder I tried, the angrier he was with me. I would be driving in my car, shouting to a God who kept moving farther away.

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I left that Jesus. I thought I was turning to a lesser God, who would accept me as I was—broken and helpless to change myself.

As I opened my real self—my broken, hypocritical, evil self—a different Jesus began moving toward me. This Jesus was compassionate. He accepted me where I was and gently led me on a healing path.

Every church and every person claiming Christianity has a Jesus. Not every Jesus is Jesus. Not every Jesus can save our souls and lead us to God. Human eyes can’t perceive the difference. How will you and I find the real Jesus?

Satan roars and chatters in our minds. Family conflicts. Fears in the night. Religious stuff, stuff, and more stuff until you’re stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey. Financial stress. Worry. Worry. Worry. The noise inside our heads and all around us drowns out what matters. It’s not our friend.

Let him sit alone in silence,
for the Lord has laid it on him.
Let him bury his face in the dust—
there may yet be hope.
Lamentations 3:28, 29

We cannot be saved by the Jesus our minds have invented.

May I introduce you to a better Jesus? Because God is God and you’re not God, let God be God. Sit alone and wait for him. When you think he’s never coming, he comes with Shalom—wholeness—and pours Shalom on your Shalom. He’ll light you from the inside out and you’ll become fully lit alive.