Clean it All Out


Psalm 32

When I refused to confess my sin,
 my body wasted away,
 and I groaned all day long.
Finally, I confessed all my sins to you
 and stopped trying to hide my guilt.

I remember carrying unresolved guilt inside me all the time.

When I cleaned it all out, I got a clear sight of God.

Unresolved sin…

  • Blocks my view of God.
  • Buries itself in layers.
  • Becomes so much a part of me I eventually can’t see it.
  • Locks me in a prison inside myself.
  • Affects my moods.
  • Leaves me exhausted.
  • Makes me stink.
  • Stresses my health.
  • Feels like hell.

I haven’t met many people who confront every known sin in their life. They go far enough to make themselves feel good, then stop.

But cleaning out every known sin is the path of life.

Jesus said few people will follow him all the way to heaven. I want to think, “No way! Lots of people are saved.” But as I get to know people, I discover them carrying stuff they’re not willing to get rid of. Occasionally I meet someone who keeps their life completely clean.

The first time I decided to clean it all out, my pile was hopelessly large, like a huge mountain of garbage. I wanted to pretend it wasn’t there. But it was heavy. It stank. It kept me from the life I knew I could be living.

When I started down the clean-up path, God guided me through the process. The cleaner I got, the closer I felt to God.

It’s hard, messy, intentional work!

If you’re not going to start cleaning out your conscience and guilt today, when will you? Will you carry it into eternity?

Don’t be stupid. You know what to do.

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