A New Operating System


Be inwardly transformed by the Holy Spirit through
a total reformation of how you think.  Romans 12:2

Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

When we switched our company to Lean Manufacturing methods, we soon learned it wouldn’t be effective to apply the Lean practices unless we changed our way of thinking. This applies to most of life. If you want to learn a new language, you can memorize words and translate them back into English during the conversation. Or you can simply learn to think in the new language.

Most of us have tried living for Jesus while keeping our old thinking. Problem is, it’s impossible to memorize all the rules and even more impossible to live a godly life in our own power.

Our minds are small computers. They operate from their current operating system and software. Most operating systems won’t work properly unless you completely uninstall the old system. Most people try to keep some of the old system. That causes complicated messes. Your head doesn’t have enough space for both your thinking and God’s. If you want to live a Jesus life, you need to give up your old way of thinking.

Why not let Jesus uninstall your old operating system and install his new system? Then plug in daily for live tech support, virus and malware scans, defrags, and upgrades.

I just got an upgrade a couple weeks ago. While watching Larry Osborne’s video, Serve with Enthusiasm, he reminded me to install a No Complaining Rule in my life. He said if I don’t want the difficulties of leadership, I shouldn’t lead. Either stop complaining or stop leading. Suddenly I realized how much I’ve been complaining the past several weeks. My complaining spirit was draining me more than the trials of leadership. Humbly, I repented. I let God uninstall my complaining spirit and install a grateful spirit.

The upgrade took only five minutes.