Leading Others by Following God


From Joshua 3

The wilderness was the only home they knew for forty years. Slavery in Egypt was the only home their ancestors had known for four hundred years. They had no idea what a Promised Land was, not even in their dreams.

Joshua understood the wilderness, but he didn’t know how to move into a Promised Land. Joshua didn’t know much, but he knew the next steps God gave him:

  1. Tell the people, “Purify yourselves.” Let go of the junk in your thoughts.
  2. Gather the priests.
  3. Tell the priests to pick up the Ark of God’s Covenant.
  4. Tell the priests to step into the Jordan River.
  5. Tell the people to follow behind.

Joshua didn’t know what would happen, but he knew he would obey God. Joshua trusted God so much, he could say “Yes…” first, “What should I do?” second, and wait for God to perform God-sized outcomes.

God says, March this way. Step in time with me. I’ve hidden the outcome from your eyes to stretch your faith larger than you thought you could.

Joshua told the people, “Today you will know the Living God is among you.”

God told Joshua, “Thanks for that, Josh. Today I will make you a great leader in the people’s eyes.”

Joshua never asked God to make him a great leader. He told the people to make God great and powerful by trusting Him to lead them into the Promised Land.

The great leaders I know live in constant delightful surprise. As they elevate God above themselves, God often uses them to lead others out of their wilderness and into Promised Lands.