King Me Now!


So when the apostles were with Jesus, they kept asking him,
“Lord, has the time come for you to free Israel and restore our kingdom?”
Acts 1:6

“Please pray that I can find a job.” I’ve heard this request in prayer meetings.

Secretly I pray, “Please don’t send him to us for a job.”

He’s not asking us to pray for God to change him or for someone to mentor him, so he can become worthy of a good job. He wants someone to hire him and hand him a paycheck, even if he’s not making a contribution.

This confusion continues, even after almost two thousand years. Men and women come to Jesus, thinking he’s going to change their circumstances, but are unwilling for him to change them.

Google Cardboard Testimonies. Watch a few of them. Here’s what to look for: In some churches people emphasize how God has changed their circumstances. In other churches people emphasize how God has changed them.

“Lord,” they asked. “When will you take over, so we can become top dogs? I want a fat paycheck without having to change myself.”

Instead, Jesus says, “I came to change you.

Jesus is restoring his kingdom on earth as he fills and stretches our hearts with his presence. God’s kingdom is populated with servers, lovers, forgivers, and artists with clean hearts. He’s scrubbing out the Me in me and filling the void with him. Look inside the transforming heart of a Christ follower, watch his or her life, and you will see God’s kingdom.