It’s God’s Calling, Not Yours


From Acts 1, When the Apostles Replaced Judas

Judas Iscariot was given one of the greatest callings the world has ever known. His name could have been written in history as a great force for bringing God’s kingdom to earth.

Instead, he became a Judas, a great betrayer. His greed blinded him from understanding the opportunity in front of him, and his greed took him down. God made his name famous, but not in the way anyone wants their name known.

No one, not even a non-Christian wants to be called a Judas.

We love our friends and respect our enemies, but no one respects a traitor. Betrayal leaves a deeper wound in hearts and relationships than practically any other sin.

Judas blew it, and then committed suicide. If he had a wife or children, he left a mess for them to live with.

Maybe Judas thought he was The Man, and no one could replace him. Judas was so wrong. If God needs something done, he may choose you. The greatest privilege is to know God is using you and me to make a difference in people’s lives. That’s a crown we get to wear in this life and lay at his feet in eternity. If I don’t faithfully carry my crown—which often is thorny—he’ll take it away and give it to someone else.