Resilience Through Grace

 “Being made right with God by his grace,
we could have the hope of receiving the life that never ends.
Titus 3:7

God’s grace is what allows us to be made right with him. There are no situations when God’s grace isn’t available. If I were to analyze every frustration or opposition I’ve ever faced, I’d have to admit God’s grace was available every time.

So I have a choice. I can tap into God’s grace when faced with obstacles, or pine away about my situation and waste a lot of time and energy. I’m amazed at how quickly I rebound when I tap into God’s grace.

I think of made right as coming back to center. When a weighted toy gets thumped over, it always bounces back smiling. That’s a little how grace works. When circumstances knock us over, God’s grace helps us to resiliently come back to our normal upright position. The beauty of being made right by God’s incredible grace increases our faith and gives us a desire for deeper relationship with him.