Pursue Resolution

Pursue Resolution

“As Paul was about to be taken inside, he said to the commander,
“May I have a word with you?”
“Do you know Greek?” the commander asked, surprised.
“Aren’t you the Egyptian who led a rebellion some time ago…?”
“No,” Paul replied, “I am a Jew…. Please, let me talk to these people.”
“The commander agreed, so Paul…addressed them in their own language….”
(Acts 21:37-40)

Sometimes people are suspicious of you because of a rumor or a misunderstanding. Or perhaps you think they have an issue with you when they don’t.

Never stop with the assumption that another person’s negative response to you means a relationship is irreparable. Like Paul, take initiative to strike up a conversation. Don’t shrink in fear. Rather gently and confidently move toward them, seeking to bring down walls. Speak their language. Calmly ask questions.

Lord, give me guidance and courage to pursue resolution for tense relationships.