Listen and Explore

“Let the wise listen to these proverbs and become even wiser.
Let those with understanding receive guidance
by exploring the meaning in these proverbs and parables,
the words of the wise and their riddles.”
Proverbs 1: 5, 6

Listening and exploring are two traits of the wise. They have learned how to listen and they love exploring the meaning in the proverbs. The Scriptures aren’t meant for us to speed read. We have to dig, ponder, and listen.

My mind wants to race from thought to thought, like a pebble skipping across a calm lake. There’s a lot more water under the surface of each of those God-thoughts. A wise person knows to slow down and listen. He disciplines his mind to experience and process each moment, and he’s not afraid to go deep to explore the depths of meaning buried deep in God’s Word.

There’s a lot to explore in the Scriptures, in both proverbs and stories. Jesus often used stories so we could identify with the characters and open our hearts to the principles. We can listen to a story or skim through proverbs, but to become wise, we have to slow down, take it in, listen, explore, experience it, and make it part of ourselves.