Lesson Learned (Well hopefully)

My suffering was good for me, because through it I learned your statutes.
(Psalm 119:71)

I’ve been listening to Henry Cloud’s book Never Go Back: 10 Things You’ll Never Do Again. It’s an excellent book for personal and professional growth.

Cloud suggest we “Never again return to what hasn’t worked.” That is, unless you, it, or the other person has changed in some way that’s moving forward and not repeating what happened before. Merely wishing or thinking it’s better won’t change the outcome unless something changes.

We’ve known our company is weak with certain types of projects, so why go back, expecting a different outcome without making the relevant changes? If we’ve had a bad relationship with a client, vendor, or employee, and we’ve done everything we know to make it work, why go back unless something has changed to make us more certain the outcome will be different?

What are you and I going “back to” that hasn’t worked in the past?

Realizing the deeper realities that accompany change isn’t a skill-set that happens overnight. It takes a lot of conscious effort and due diligence. I ask the Lord for guidance and an honest, reality-checking mindset.

Naomi Cohen