I Want It Now but God Doesn’t!

 “But let patience have its perfect work,
that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.”
James 1:4

We live in a broken, imperfect world. As a visionary, I’m always fighting my way out of the rubble of current reality and looking for a better world. Once I envision that better world, I want me and everybody around me to go from here to there instantly.

This must frustrate the people around me. They just got here, and before they can take their boots off and catch their breath, I’m telling them to put their boots back on because we’re going there. Often, there is better than here. But sometimes people get exhausted and need to stop and rest here, even though they know there will probably be better.

Perfection—as we understand it—will never be achieved in this life, although we experience excellence as we strive for perfection at a healthy, vibrant pace. God says perfection is found in patience—the healthy tension in the gap between our current, flawed reality and the eternal, perfect beauty he places in our hungry, longing hearts.

Instead of brutally demanding perfection from others and myself, I’m choosing to celebrate healthy movement in the right direction. In God’s earth-life economy, patience, not perfection is perfection.