Defining the Call

 The man who had been freed from the demons begged to go with him.
But Jesus sent him home, saying,
“No, go back to your family,
and tell them everything God has done for you.”
Luke 8: 37-39

Jesus told some people to follow him. He told others to go home. Each of us has a specific calling. I tried so many things when I was searching for direction from God. I pursued being a pastor, a missionary, a counselor and even a worship leader.

I went full force into each of these. I pastored a home church. I visited dangerous areas of Latin American countries, and looked for opportunities to move there as a missionary. I attended counseling school to become a counselor. I formed a family worship band, complete with a PA system and recording studio.

But in everything I tried, I eventually hurt myself, my family, and everyone around me. I thought I was pursuing God’s calling on my life. Yet, I kept hearing his whisper. Don’t define your calling. Let me do it.

When I finally listened, it happened. God was leading me into living my faith in the business world. These years have been the best years of my life. You don’t have to move to some far away country to fulfill God’s calling. You can do it right where you are.

Some people are called to a foreign mission field. But for most of us, I believe our mission is right here, where we are. To use our gifts to humbly serve the people who know us: our family, neighbors, and fellow workers.

God created you to be you. Your purpose is unique. Don’t define your calling. Just follow and serve God where you are. In time, your calling will become clear. Then you’ll live a much more fulfilled life than you could have created for yourself.