Courage Does What Courage Does

King Darius wrote to the nations and peoples
of every language, wherever they dwell on the earth:
“May your peace abound! I decree that throughout my royal domain
the God of Daniel is to be reverenced and feared.
Daniel 6:26, 27

In the story of Daniel in the lion’s den, jealous government leaders saw that Daniel was about to be promoted over the whole kingdom. So they set out to get rid of him. These evil leaders decided to change the law to so it would conflict with Daniel’s loyalty to God. They appealed to the king’s ego and tricked him into writing a law that forced everyone to worship him. Anyone who disobeyed was to be thrown into the lion’s den.

Daniel chose worship only God, and would not obey the new law. Because of this, the king was obligated to throw Daniel into the lion’s den. But God was with Daniel, and kept the lions’ mouths shut.

The king was so astonished, he ordered everyone to worship Daniel’s God instead of himself.

God always blesses us for being faithful. Trials come that force us to either choose the easy way out, or stand strong in our faith against the roaring lions of adversity. If we’re true to God, we’ll come out of the lions’ den even stronger and the world will see God’s faithfulness.

Courage is a decision we must make ahead of time, that we will stand for what we believe no matter the cost. Fear will come during trials and testing, but godly courage empowers us to walk straight through.

God, keep me courageous and faithful to you

– Robb