How to Blow People Away

While everyone was marveling at everything Jesus was doing…
Luke 9:43

Why were people blown away at Jesus? One reason was that he knew who he was and stayed inside his character. He knew he was the Son of God, so he only did Son of God things.

When we know who we are and why we’re here—and focus one-hundred percent on that—we will bless everyone around us. Think about what Chick-Fil-A offers:

  • A boneless, skinless chicken breast on a buttered bun with two pickles.
  • Waffle fries.
  • Lemonade.
  • Closed on Sunday.
  • The love of Jesus.

It can’t get much simpler than that. Yet, they are one of the most successful restaurant chains in the world.

When we know who we are and why we’re here, we’ll get a clear vision of what we’re supposed to do. Then we just keep doing that better and better.