Be a Signpost


Jesus sent them ahead in pairs to all the towns and places he planned to visit.” (Luke 10:1)

 Jesus didn’t send his disciples to go just anywhere. He sent them ahead, like signposts, pointing the way and preparing people to encounter him. He still does this today.

If I’m walking closely with God, perhaps people meeting me will soon encounter him. It’s not my job to force the encounter. I don’t have that power. Only God can encounter people as God. But we can show the way.

I can be so overbearing, people need to get away from me, so they can meet God. I may be pressing them into an encounter with my views or techniques that serve as substitutes for God. That might give people temporary peace, but when the experience wears off, they’ll have to come back to me for another fake encounter. They won’t be encountering God.

Someone you and I meet today could be on the way to encountering God. Our job is simple: Just be a signpost. Point the way.