Are People Rejecting Me or God?


Are People Rejecting Me or God?

Then he said to the disciples,
“Anyone who accepts your message is also accepting me.
And anyone who rejects you is rejecting me.
And anyone who rejects me is rejecting God, who sent me.”
Luke 10:16

Rejection happens. Acceptance happens. When I’ve fully surrendered my security and identity to Christ, acceptance and rejection take on new meaning.

If people reject me, because of my personality or performance, it’s my personal issue. Maybe I really wanted the relationship to succeed, but I tried to force myself on people and instead pushed them away.

For whatever part of myself I hold onto and self-manage, I depend on my own limited strength and wisdom. If the relationship succeeds, I must then sustain that relationship with my own strength. Then the relationship can become high maintenance and high risk. If the relationship fails, there’s no way to redeem the lost time, effort, or hope I’ve invested. It’s all down the drain.

Many people are emotionally exhausted in their most important relationships. They’ve poured themselves out and received little or nothing in return. Then they keep trying to patch and support a broken relationship with their own strength, spiraling into an endless, destructive cycle.

On the other hand, if I fully surrender myself to Jesus’ direction, I represent him. Developing Jesus’ character in me creates deep, sustainable relationships. And if the relationship fails, Jesus promises to comfort me and bring even more fruit from the branch that was pruned.

Identity-surrendered people are highly satisfied, whether in many or few relationships, because God supernaturally adds his strength and wisdom to create great, life-giving relationships.